Sunday, October 11, 2009


I finished my MBA last weekend and it feels a little weird doing only fun stuff now. I always had the feeling of having to do homework hanging over my head, so I could never just enjoy what I was doing. Even cleaning the garage is done without the feeling of guilt...

I have upgraded my station to an actual "room" instead of the original "Radio Closet." I ran some cables up to a second floor bedroom and I'm typing this while sitting at an actual desk. Strange. I have three monitors on the desk and my keyer paddles. The radio is comfortably just to my right.

I worked the AZ QSO Party this weekend - although my new Outbacker mobile antenna that I use for daytime use didn't snag me many QSOs. I managed a whopping 18 QSOs. I did, however, get to use a proper station for several hours on Sunday at W7SA which was the sponsor of the contest (counted for an extra 100 points). I've decided being on the receiving end of a pile-up is really fun.


Paul - ND8N

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  1. Well done and congratulations on your MBA. I hope to see you in the log, perhaps, Sweepstakes CW in November. Best from the shackadelic on the beach.

    73, Scot KA3DRR